Volume 14, issue 6

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Epidemiological and cost analysis of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis in Oman
A. Mohammadi, Z.S. Nassor, T. Behlim, E. Mohammadi, R. Govindarajan, A. Al Maniri and R.A. Smego Jr
Prognostic value of infection and inflammation markers for late cardiac events in an Iranian sample
N. Sarrafzadegan, P. Rezaporian, M. Kaypour, M. Mohseni, M. Sadeghi, S. Asgary and B. Sabet
Evaluation of the Quit and Win contest for smoking cessation in the Islamic Republic of Iran
S. Shahrokhi, R. Kelishadi, N. Sarrafzadegan, A. Khosravi, H.R. Roohafza, A. Pooya and R. Mollabashi
Patterns of tobacco use: results from the 2005 Global Youth Tobacco Survey in Lebanon
G. Saade, S. Abou Jaoude, R. Afifi, C.W. Warren and N.R. Jones
Smoking initiation among Iranian adolescents: a qualitative study
Sh. Niknami, M. Akbari, F. Ahmadi, G. Babaee-Rouchi and A. Heidarnia
Needs assessment and coping strategies of persons infected with HIV in Egypt
I.A. Kabbash, M. El-Gueneidy, A.Y. Sharaf, N.M. Hassan and A.N. Al-Nawawy
Urologic diseases in the Islamic Republic of Iran: what are the public health priorities?
A. Basiri, S.M. Mousavi, M. Naghavi, I.A. Araghi and S.A. Namini
Oman Eye Study 2005: prevalence and determinants of glaucoma
R. Khandekar, M.A. Jaffer, A. Al Raisi, R. Zutshi, M. Mahabaleshwar, R. Shah and A.H. Choudhury
Optimal age of sexual maturation in Egyptian children
I. Ghaly, F.H. Hussein, S. Abdelghaffar, G. Anwar and R.M. Seirvogel
New growth charts for Libyan preschool children
J.H. Bordom, L. Billot, R. Gueguen and J.P. Deschamps
Intestinal parasitosis and use of untreated wastewater for agriculture in Settat, Morocco
S. El Kettani, E. Azzouzi, K. Boukachabine, M. El Yamani, A. Maata and M. Rajaoui
Carrier detection of phenylketonuria in Iranian families by variable number tandem-repeat polymorphism analysis
S.M. Hosseini-Mazinani, J. Koochmeshgi, Z. Khazaee-Koohpar, N. Hosein- Pur-Nobari and S.M. Seifati