Volume 8, issue 2/3


Research articles

The infertile couple: a cohort study in Duhok, Iraq

History of miscarriage as a risk factor for hepatitis C virus infection in pregnant Iraqi women

Malaria in pregnancy in Hodiedah, Republic of Yemen

In utero exposure to cadmium pollution in Cairo and Giza governorates of Egypt

Nutritional status of Libyan children in 2000 compared with 1979

Nutritional stunting in Egypt: which nutrient is responsible?

Evaluation of erythropoietin in protein energy malnutrition

Impact of nutritional rehabilitation on enzymatic antioxidant levels in protein energy malnutrition

Suitability of soluble transferring receptor for the clinical diagnosis of different types of anaemia in children

Epidemiology of children’s cycling injuries in Ahwaz, Islamic Republic of Iran

A traumatic restorative treatment and glass ionomer sealants in Tunisian children: survival after 3 years

Reasons for delay in the management of patients with pulmonary tuberculosis

Tuberculosis meningoencephalitis in Baghdad, 1993–99: a clinical study of 224 cases

Characterization of Leishmania parasites isolated from provinces of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Intestinal parasites, including Cryptosporidium species, in Iraqi patients with sickle-cell anemia

Prevalence of trachoma in chronic conjunctivitis, Birjand, Islamic Republic of Iran

Impact of schistosomiasis on quality of life and productivity of workers

Skin diseases and enzymatic antioxidant activity among workers exposed to pesticides

Prevalence of known diabetes and hypertension in the Republic of Yemen

Assessment of a breast cancer screening programme in Shiraz, Islamic Republic of Iran

Flow cytometric DNA analysis of oral squamous cell carcinoma in Iraqi patients

Causes of visual impairment and blindness among the middle-aged and elderly in northern Jordan

Changing use of the emergency department by the elderly in the United Arab Emirates, 1989 and 1999

Survey on adoption of measures to prevent nosocomial infection by anesthesia personnel

In-home drug storage and utilization habits: a Sudanese study



Depleted uranium: an overview of its properties and health effects


Le guichet unique et le capital études et recherches du ministère de la santé au Maroc