Volume 21, issue 8

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Access to medicines – overcoming the barriers
Hazel Bradley  and Richard Laing
Dietary total antioxidant capacity and the risk of breast cancer: a case–control study
Z. Karimi, Z. Bahadoran, S.Abedini, A. Houshyar-Rad  and B. Rashidkhani 
Epidemiology and medical cost of hospitalization due to rotavirus gastroenteritis among children under 5 years of age in the central-east of Tunisia
M.S. Soltani, A. Ben Salah, I. Bouanene, A. Trabelsi, M.T. Sfar, A. Harbi, M.N. Gueddiche  and E. Ben Farhat
Epidemiology of rabies in Oman: a retrospective study (1991–2013)
I. Al Abaidani, S. Al Abri, K.P. Prakash, M. Hassan Hussain, M. Hammad Hussain  and A.H. Al Rawahi 
Contributions of public and private sectors to the Iranian cataract surgery output
H. Hashemi, F. Rezvan, A. Fotouhi, M. Khabazkhoob, H. Gilasi, K. Etemad, A. Mahdavi  and S. Asgari