Volume 10, issue 6


Invited Papers


Two decades of nutrition assessment in the Eastern Mediterranean Region: scope, methodologies and dissemination

Dietetic practice: the past, present and future

Regional overview of maternal and child malnutrition: trends, interventions and outcomes

Managing nutritional programmes in developing countries

Nutrition in humanitarian crises

Iron deficiency anaemia – an old enemy

Experiences in the prevention, control and elimination of iodine deficiency disorders: a regional perspective

Food fortification: good to have or need to have?

Noncommunicable diseases: risk factors and regional strategies for prevention and care

Overweight and obesity in the Eastern Mediterranean Region: can we control it?

Food safety: current situation, unaddressed issues and the emerging priorities

Research Papers

Maternal anaemia and its impact on perinatal outcome in a tertiary care hospital in Pakistan

Iron status of babies born to iron-deficient anaemic mothers in an Iranian hospital

Is stored expressed breast milk an alternative for working Egyptian mothers?

Nutritional assessment of lactating women in Shiraz in relation to recommended dietary allowances

An intervention programme for improving the nutritional status of children aged 2–5 years in Alexandria

Multidisciplinary intervention for reducing malnutrition among children in the Islamic Republic of Iran

Survey of dietary habits of in-school adolescents in Damascus, Syrian Arab Republic

Urinary iodine and other iodine deficiency indicators in a sample of school-age children in Egypt

Knowledge, attitudes and sources of information on breastfeeding among medical professionals in Baghdad

Dietary fat and breast cancer in Saudi Arabia: a case–control study

Obesity and cardiovascular disease risk factors in Tehran adults: a population-based study


 Food habits of the Egyptians: newly emerging trends


Anaemia among schoolchildren in Qena Governorate, Upper Egypt

Urinary iodine/creatinine ratio in patients with stomach cancer in Urmia, Islamic Republic of Iran