Volume 26 no. 5, May Issue, 2020

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Solidarity in response to COVID-19 outbreak in the Eastern Mediterranean Region

What works where in prevention of Covid-19: The case of Somalia

Virtual social networks and mental health intervention for medical staff during the COVID-19 outbreak in the Islamic Republic of Iran

Unlocking towns and cities: COVID-19 exit strategy

Recommendations from the 4th International Conference on Mass Gatherings Medicine, Saudi Arabia

Developing a questionnaire to assess Iranian nurses’ knowledge of and attitude to Middle East respiratory syndrome

Association between the nationality of nurses and safety culture in maternity units of Oman

Development of a medical error scale for nurses in Turkey

Priority setting for research in the field of medical ethics in the Islamic Republic of Iran: a Delphi study

Knowledge of, attitudes to and participation in clinical trials in Jordan: a population-based survey

Equity in utilization of health care services in Turkey: an index based analysis

Community pharmacists’ perceptions, awareness and practices regarding counterfeit medicines: a cross-sectional survey in Alexandria, Egypt

Predictors of the burden on family carers of patients on haemodialysis in Jordan

Preferences of Lebanese adults for the gender of their surgeons: a cross-sectional study

Seroprevalence of hepatitis E virus in pregnant women in northern Lebanon

Prevalence of allergenic arthropods in domestic dwellings of referrals to an asthma and allergy clinic in the Islamic Republic of Iran

Heavy metal concentration in classroom dust samples and its relationship with childhood asthma: a study from Islamic Republic of Iran

Validity, reliability and use of a Kuwait child nutrition knowledge assessment questionnaire

Seroprevalence of Herpes simplex virus types 1 and 2 in Indian and Filipino migrant populations in Qatar: a cross-sectional survey

Performance of Eastern Mediterranean Region laboratories in the World Health Organization external quality assessment programme for arbovirus diagnostics

Second Eastern Mediterranean/Arab States regional summit of national ethics and bioethics committees