Volume 19, issue 4

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Universal health coverage
Marie-Paule Kieny  and David B. Evans 
WHO MPOWER tobacco control scores in the Eastern Mediterranean countries based on the 2011 report
Gh. Heydari, F. Talischi,2 H. Algouhmani, H.A. Lando  and A. Ebn Ahmady
Antenatal depression and its predictors in Lahore, Pakistan
A. Humayun, I.I. Haider, N. Imran, H. Iqbal  and N. Humayun 
Factors influencing women’s willingness to volunteer in the healthcare system: evidence from the Islamic Republic of Iran
A. Alami, S. Nedjat, R. Majdzadeh A. Rahimi Foroushani, S.J. Hoseini  and H. Malekafzali 
Renal patients’ views on generic prescribing and substitution: example from the United Arab Emirates
M.N. Al Ameri, W. Mohamed, E. Makramalla, B. Shalhoub, A. Tucker  and A. Johnston
Consensus recommendation for meningococcal disease prevention for Hajj and Umra pilgrimage/travel medicine
A. Shibl, H. Tufenkeji, M. Khalil, Z. Memish , and the Meningococcal Leadership Forum (MLF) Expert Group
A case of vocal tic: an unusual presentation of neurobrucellosis
G.I. Bayhan, G. Tanır, U. Ertan  and S. Bodur