Volume 18, issue 6

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Effect of air pollution on onset of acute coronary syndrome in susceptible subgroups
M. Qorbani, M. Yunesian,A. Fotouhi,H. Zeraati and S. Sadeghian
Air pollution and low birth weight: a historical cohort study from Tehran
M. Araban,N. Kariman, S.S. Tavafian, S. Motesaddi, H. Alavimajd and F. Amin Shokravi
Physical, mental, emotional and social health status of adolescents and youths in Benghazi, Libya
A.A. Salam, A.A. Alshekteria, H.A.A. Mohammed, N.M. Al Abar, M.M. Al Jhany and M.F. Al Flah
Health-care-seeking behaviour among university students in Lebanon
H.A. El Kahi, G.Y. Abi Rizk, S.A. Hlais and S.M. Adib
Suicide in the Islamic Republic of Iran: an integrated analysis from 1981 to 2007
H.R. Ghafarian Shirazi,M. Hosseini, M. Zoladl, M. Malekzadeh, M. Momeninejad, K. Noorian and M.A. Mansorian
La néphropathie non diabétique chez les patients diabétiques de type 2 à l’hôpital militaire Mohammed V de Rabat (Maroc)
Y. Zajjari,M. Benyahia, D. Montasser Ibrahim, J. Kassouati, O. Maoujoud, F. El Guendouz  et Z. Oualim
Microbiological study of spiced chicken burgers in Tripoli City, Libya
يوسف محمد الشريك ومصطفى رضوان محمد علي
Views of final-year medical students at Damascus University about clinical skills acquired before graduation
زينب العرفي، عبير قدسي، ريما السّيد حسن