Volume 12, issue 5

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Knowledge of tuberculosis among medical professionals and university students in Oman
A.A. Al-Jabri, A.S.S. Dorvlo, S. Al-Rahbi, J. Al-Abri and S. Al-Adawi
Seroprevalence of hepatitis B in Nahavand, Islamic Republic of Iran
A.H.M. Alizadeh, M. Ranjbar, S. Ansari, A. MirArab, S.M. Alavian, K. Mohammad, P. Adibi, GhH. Sadri, F. Keramat, A. Ardalan, M.Arabi, S. Gharekhani, A. Ataei, GhR. Amraei, M. Hosseinzadeh, S. Hatami and M. Zali
Prevalence of helminth ova in soil samples from public places in Shiraz
H. Motazedian, D. Mehrabani, S.H.R. Tabatabaee, A. Pakniat and M. Tavalali
Rapid assessment of trachoma in 9 governorates and Socotra Island in Yemen
T.K. Al-Khatib, A.S. Hamid, A.M. Al-Kuhlany, M.H. Al-Jabal and Y.A. Raja’a
Measles seroepidemiology among adolescents and young adults: response to revaccination
M.J Saffar, M. Alraza-Amiri, A. Ajami, F. Baba-Mahmoodi, A.R. Khalilian, C. Vahidshahi and A. Shamsizadeh
Profile of breast lesions among women with positive biopsy findings in Yemen
A.K. Al-Thobhani, Y.A. Raja’a, T.A. Noman and M.A. Al-Romaimah
Termination of second and early third trimester pregnancy: comparison of 3 methods
I. Bani-Irshaid, T.Z. Athamneh, D. Bani-Khaled, M. Al-Momani and H. Dahamsheh
Variation in repeat caesarean section complication rates among 3 hospitals in northern Jordan
Z.O. Amarin, H.A. Alchalabi, Y.S. Khader, A.A. Gharaibeh and R.M. Shwayat
Short communication Hexadecyl-phosphorylcholine ointment for treatment of cutaneous leishmaniasis: an animal trial
J. Iqbal, I. Bukhari, M. Jamshid, S. Bashir, M. Masoom Yasinzai and M. Anwar