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World Mental Health Day, 10 October

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World Mental Health Day 2012: Depression: a global crisisWorld Mental Health Day, 10 October, provides an opportunity to reflect on and discuss prevention, protection and treatment strategies and plans for mental disorders. The theme of the Day this year is “Depression: a global crisis”.

At least 350 million people of all ages and from all communities are affected by depression. Today, depression is considered the leading cause of disability worldwide. There are evidence-based effective treatments for depression, but in some countries, less the 10% of those in need of treatment receive it. Among the most important factors contributing to this huge treatment gap are mental health illiteracy, stigma and paucity of resources and capacities to deliver evidence-based, cost-effective interventions.

Following the theme of this year, WHO has developed a number of materials explaining what depression is, how it can be managed, and how to support communities and people and families with depression.

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