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World AIDS Day 2015 overview

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Within the framework of the Regional Initiative to End the HIV Treatment Crisis and with the launch of new HIV treatment guidelines by WHO in October 2015, the theme for World AIDS Day 2015 is “HIV Treatment for All”.

Improving access to antiretroviral therapy is more complex than just making antiretroviral medicines available. It focuses on ensuring that people living with HIV are engaged in a spectrum of services that allow them to receive an HIV test, become linked to care services, be provided with treatment and maintained with lifelong viral suppression.

This requires the concerted efforts of governments in partnership with civil society organizations, people affected by the disease, the private sector and others to engage people living with HIV in a continuum of HIV care services.

In order to emphasize the importance of addressing all the steps along the continuum of care, the campaign material for World AIDS Day 2015 (1 December) illustrates the interlinking of all stages from planning to diagnosis, linkage and initiation of treatment and achieving viral suppression.

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