World AIDS Day 2018

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While the annual number of new HIV infections in several WHO regions has been declining in recent years, new HIV infections have been on the rise in WHO’s Eastern Mediterranean Region. The estimated number of new infections increased by 28% from 29 000 infections in 2010 to 36 000 in 2017. This is the highest rate of increase among all regions.

In spite of the availability of life-saving antiretroviral therapy, mortality among people living with HIV in our Region is increasing. Out of 350 000 estimated people living with HIV in the Region, only one third are aware of their infection and only 18% have access to life saving treatment.

In order to stop this increase in new HIV infections, World AIDS Day 2018 is focusing on advocating for more concerted actions to prevent new HIV infections, diagnose people living with HIV who are not aware of their infection, and provide them with life-saving treatment in a manner that respects their dignity and human rights.




The slogan for this year’s campaign is “Stop new HIV infections now! Prevent – Test – Treat “. The message reflects the continuum of prevention, diagnosis and treatment services needed in order to halt the increase in new infections. It is intended to encourage national programme managers, policy-makers, civil society and the private sector to scale up access to more comprehensive packages for prevention, testing and treatment for everyone in need, as well as remove all the barriers that prevent people from accessing them.

HIV in the Eastern Mediterranean Region 2017


HIV prevalence


People living with HIV


Children aged 0-14 years living with HIV


New infections


People died due to HIV


Receiving antiretroviral therapy

Compared to 2010


Increase in new infections


Increase in the number of deaths due to HIV


Increase in antiretorviral therapy


Increase in the number of children living with HIV

Progress in the Region

  • 34%

34%of people living with HIV know their status

  • 53%

53%of those who know their status are receiving antiretroviral therapy

  • 80%

80%of those who know their status are virally suppressed

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