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Regional reporting tool

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Welcome to the online regional reporting tool.

This tool is restricted to national AIDS control programme users from the WHO Eastern Mediterranean Region.

The regional reporting tool is intended to facilitate surveillance data reporting based on key elements of national surveillance systems, including:

  • HIV infection case reporting by age, sex and mode of transmission
  • HIV mortality data by age and sex
  • HIV testing data and CD4 testing after diagnosis
  • HIV sentinel surveillance among antenatal clinic attendees or other populations
  • integrated biological and behavioural surveillance of populations at higher risk and national population-based surveys for the general population
  • mode of transmission studies
  • size estimations of populations at higher risk for HIV
  • sexually transmitted infection case reporting
  • hepatitis case reporting.

The reporting system is currently only available in English. A user manual provides a basic overview of how to use the system, and the indicators which you can report. Please also note that the DHIS2 system has a help facility with additional guidance on the technical features of the system.

All national AIDS control programme users of the WHO Eastern Mediterranean Region have been issued credentials to access the surveillance reporting tool. If you think you should have access but have not received credentials, please contact us through our website or write directly to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Click here to access the regional reporting tool with your user name and password.

Click here to download the user manual.