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Girls and boys for change: Tobacco control now

Every year, the World Health Organization (WHO) presents awards to key people and/or organizations that have made valuable contributions to tobacco control and have helped make World No Tobacco Day and its theme a great success. These awards are an expression of WHO's appreciation of the great time and effort that these contributors have invested in the campaigns, as well as in fighting tobacco.

This year, six World No Tobacco Day awards were presented to:

Her Excellency Dr Moushira Khattab, Minister of Family and Population Affairs, Egypt

Iranian Anti Tobacco Association, Islamic Republic of Iran

Dr Hiba Ayub, Head of the Tobacco Control Department, Ministry of Health, Jordan

Dr Hamdeyah A. S. Al Fadli, Member of the Anti-smoking National Programme, Kuwait

Roteract District 2450/Christine Gabriel Arzoumanian, Lebanon

Dr Mounira Nebli, National Coordinator for the Tobacco Control Programme, Primary Health Care Direction, Tunisia

These individuals and/or organizations have been at the forefront of tobacco control for years. They have contributed to many initiatives to raise public awareness of the ill health effects of tobacco use and exposure to its smoke, and to reduce tobacco consumption. Their work has been particularly targeted at women and young people.