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Tobacco kills, it shouldn't be advertised, glamorized or subsidizedA $20 000 grant for projects to ban tobacco advertising in drama

WHO calls for proposals

The WHO Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean is pleased to announce its call for proposals for tobacco control grants. WHO will provide a $20 000 grant for new projects which encourage, mobilize and support legislative efforts to completely ban tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship in drama.

WHO invites proposals from nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) anywhere in the Region, working in tobacco control, health or development. Only four NGOs will be selected, each receiving a $5000 seed grant.

Proposals submitted must focus on: legislative actions; strengthening partnerships; lobbying and networking; and communication and media relations. Educational campaigns and school-based activities will not be considered.

WHO will begin accepting applications today, 22 September, 2014. The deadline for submission is 16 October, 2014.

WHO will notify the winners by email or telephone by 30 October, 2014. The winners will have six months or until 1 May, 2015 to complete their projects.

Template for submitting proposals


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  • Tobacco-free public spaces

Tobacco-free public places means that ALL indoor workplaces and indoor public places should be 100% smoke-free.

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Statistics and figures

By 2030 70% of tobacco-related deaths will be in developing countries

Tobacco use in the Eastern Mediterranean Region