Health and biomedical devices

A laboratory technician wearing a facial mask while processing a sample after centrifugation To ensure access to appropriate medical devices, proper management and use of medical equipment must be considered. Photo credit: WHOHealth technology pervades all aspects of modern health care and has contributed to increased life expectancy and better health outcomes over the past decades. To realize its full benefits, it needs to be complemented by good staff training and effective organization of health services where application is sought.

The Eastern Mediterranean Regional programme for health and biomedical devices supports Member States capacities to improve access and ensure adequate provision, rational use, and proper management of medical devices. It coordinates and implements technical cooperation activities aimed at strengthening national capabilities.


In 2007, the World Health Organization (WHO), in collaboration with the Government of the Netherlands, launched the Priority Medical Devices project to determine whether medical devices currently on the market were...

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Following the rapid assessment of the health system situation in Libyan Arab Jamahiriya in May 2011, a second mission was conducted from 11 to 14 January 2012 to train nationals...

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In focus

The global initiative on health technologies was initiated in March 2008 and implemented by the diagnostic imaging and medical devices unit of the department of essential health technologies at the...

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National health technology workshop

The health and biomedical devices programme of the WHO Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean will conduct a five-day workshop for national health technology officers in Sudan from 13 to...

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The third meeting of the WHO technical advisory group on Health Technology took place in Cairo from 20 to 22, June 2010. The meeting: identified the key components of an action plan for the implementation...

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Statistics and figures

Selected results of the baseline country survey 2010

24% use a nomenclature system for medical devices

9.5% do not have national standards or recommended lists of medical devices

14% have a health technology national policy

4.7% have a national list of approved medical devices for procurement or reimbursement