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Securing a polio-free world

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Every_last_childA series of 6 videos explains the important steps that are being taken to make sure that, once the poliovirus has been eradicated, it will never have the opportunity to return. Although the world has never been closer to achieving the goal of polio eradication, much remains to be done. 

Once wild polio has been eradicated, the only risks of the virus returning would come from rare strains of circulating vaccine derived polioviruses, and from potential leaks of the virus from laboratories or vaccine manufacturers. The 6 videos explaint he work being done to address these risks. 


1. Introductory video

2. Polio vaccines

3. Stopping all polioviruses

4. Phasing out oral polio vaccines

5. Building resilience for the switch

6. Containing polioviruses safely and securely