Red Trunk Library

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Image of a Red Trunk Library which looks like a large red closed metal chest with the words Red Trunk Library for emergencies written on the top with WHO logo visible on the sideWhat is the Red Trunk Library?

The Red Trunk Library is a library kit containing a wide selection of technical books on topics related to public health and disaster management. The library was developed to be used in emergencies. It is intended to reach out to remote areas, providing health staff at all levels with tools to prepare for, and deal with, issues related to public health and emergencies. This mini library is ideal for health staff in remote areas but is also valuable for all health professionals working in emergencies. It provides the basic tools and guidance needed to plan, prepare and respond to complex emergency situations or natural disasters.

Technical repository

The Red Trunk Library serves as a technical repository of essential public health and emergency management-related publications to be used either as a quick reference or for capacity-building in isolated areas. It contains over 100 publications on major health topics related to emergency management, practical manuals, guidelines, training manuals and WHO publications. It also comprises other publications from the International Committee of the Red Cross, Médecins Sans Frontières, United Nations agencies and various other organizations.

Image of an opened Red Trunk Library displaying the books contained withinCoverage subjects


Blood transfusion, laboratory techniques and procedures and pharmacology

Communicable diseases and immunization

Disasters and emergencies

Environmental health and water supply

Gender identity and human rights

Maternal and child health services, nutritional requirements and food services

Mental health and psychiatry

Public health

How to use the Red Trunk Library

The Red Trunk Library's collection is organized according to major health subjects and contains more that 100 books. In order to make it easier to transport and store, the collection has been packed into a metal trunk fitted with two shelves on which the card boxes containing the books are arranged. Each card box contains books related to a specific health topic.

How much does it cost?

Each Red Trunk Library contains over 100 books, guidelines, manuals, etc. The price of each Red Trunk Library is approximately US$ 2500. This includes the metal trunk, collection of books, transport charge and delivery.

Search for a publication

When performing a search make sure to insert “and” between each keyword of your search term.

Data and statistics

The total number of publications produced by the Regional Office in 2016 was 146.

Arabic (33)

English (91)

French (22)

The total number of journals that have been indexed in the Index Medicus for the Eastern Mediterranean Region is 648.