Human resources for health observatory

An image of the earth globeThe observatory makes available the latest HRH-related findings and research to the widest possible audience.The Eastern Mediterranean human resources for health (HRH) observatory is a cooperative initiative funded by the European Commission to promote, develop and sustain a knowledge base for human resources for health in the Region. It provides evidence for policy decisions to strengthen health systems and improve health service delivery.

The purpose of this initiative is to provide technical support to Member States in sharing and using proactively the best and most innovative options to tackle HRH challenges. The observatory offers up-to-date statistical data, policy briefs, research publications and other resources.

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The formulation of national human resources for health policies and strategies requires evidence based planning to rationalize decisions. A range of tools and resources exists to assist countries in developing...

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Many countries lack the human resources needed to deliver essential health interventions for a number of reasons, including limited production capacity, migration of health workers within and across countries, poor...

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Statistics on the skills mix of the health workforce can help inform strategies to ensure the most appropriate and cost-effective combination of roles and staff. Significant differences in levels and direction...

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In focus

Conceptual framework for human resources for health

The HRH Action Framework is designed to support governments and health managers to develop and implement strategies to achieve an effective and sustainable health workforce. By using a comprehensive approach, the...

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The WHO Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean held a regional consultative meeting on the development of a public health leadership programme and strengthening the network of academic institutions in...

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The Global Meeting of Human Resources for Health (HRH) Observatories: Evidence-informed HRH policies – the contribution of HRH Observatories, was held in Lisbon, Portugal, from 4 to 7 July 2011. The...

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Health professions education directory

Health professions education directoryThe directory is meant to be a tool for all institutes, professionals, students, communities and other organizations interested in the process of educating health professionals in the countries of the Eastern Mediterranean Region. 

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Statistics and figures

Density of health workforce in the Region per 1000 in 2011

Physicians 1.2

Nurses 1.8

Dentists 0.3

Pharmacists 0.5