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Regional and national health observatories directory

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African health workforce observatory

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The African health workforce Observatory promotes, develops and sustains the knowledge base for human resources for health (HRH) in the African region. It provides evidence for policy decisions to strengthen health systems and improve health service delivery. The Observatory monitors and shares both positive and negative practices and experiences. Information disseminated maintains the HRH agenda at national, subregional, regional and global forums.


Andean network of Observatories of human resources for health

Thumbnail image The Andean Observatory of human resources for health allows consultation, exchange and joint learning in order to facilitate the development for human resources for health in the Andean Subregion. It is a flexible and dynamic network to offer and share strategic information, knowledge, and experiences for the own problem solving of human resources for health.


European Observatory on health systems and policies

European_Observatory_on_Health_Systems_and_Policies The European Observatory on health systems and policies supports and promotes evidence-based health policy making through comprehensive and rigorous analysis of the dynamics of health care systems in Europe. The Observatory includes statistical data, policy briefs, research publications and other resources on a number of topics including human resources for health.


Jordanian national human resources for health Observatory

Thumbnail image The Jordanian national human resources Observatory helps in providing reliable and instant data and information necessary to develop informed policies and evidence-based decisions. The website highlights important and urgent issues on HRH. It acts as a platform for HRH information and serves as a tool to advocate and promote informed policies and decisions.

Latin American Region and the Caribbean

Thumbnail image The HRH Observatory is a cooperative initiative among countries of the Latin American Region and the Caribbean. It helps to produce information and knowledge necessary for improving HRH policy decisions.

Health professions education directory

Health professions education directoryThe directory is meant to be a tool for all institutes, professionals, students, communities and other organizations interested in the process of educating health professionals in the countries of the Eastern Mediterranean Region. 

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Statistics and figures

Density of health workforce in the Region per 1000 in 2011

Physicians 1.2

Nurses 1.8

Dentists 0.3

Pharmacists 0.5