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Human Resources for Health journal

An open access, peer-reviewed, online journal covering all aspects of planning, producing and managing the health workforce.

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Human resources development journal

An independent journal on research in health manpower development published from 1997 through 2001. After 2001, it was continued by the Human Resources for Health online journal.

HRH series

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HRH Observer

This series provides the latest findings and research from different observatories and covers a wide range of technical issues presented as case studies, reports of consultations, surveys, and analysis.

Spotlight on statistics

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Spotlight on Statistics

Each issue focuses on a specific theme related to the collection, processing, analysis, dissemination and use of health workforce statistics at the international, regional and country levels to support decision making for policies and programmes.


A guide to rapid assessment of human resources for health [pdf 156kb]

Key questions to foster analysis of a country's health workforce situation, as well as tools and information sources for in-depth assessment of HRH.

Assessment of human resources for health: survey instruments and guide to adminstration [pdf 995kb]

This survey instrument was developed by the World Health Organization for collecting quantitative and qualitative information for assessing the human resources for health situation in a country. It is intended to be used for data collection at the national and institutional levels, as well as from individual health care providers. Four questionnaires are included in the tool, focusing on the following areas: regulation of health occupations, training institutions, health care facilities and health care providers. The tool was field-tested in 2002-2004 in six countries: Chad, Côte d’Ivoire, Jamaica, Mozambique, Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe.

Human resource development assessment instrument for nongovernmental organizations and public sector health organizations [pdf 71kb]

Intended as a rapid-assessment tool to identify an organization's characteristics with respect to the core functions of a human resources development system.

Software tool for policy diagnosis and dialogue

This tool seeks to assist health workforce and policy makers in a country think through, diagnose, and stimulate dialogue about their challenges by responding to questions and reflecting on the policy implications of their answers. 

Other resources

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Health professions education directory

Health professions education directoryThe directory is meant to be a tool for all institutes, professionals, students, communities and other organizations interested in the process of educating health professionals in the countries of the Eastern Mediterranean Region. 

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Statistics and figures

Density of health workforce in the Region per 1000 in 2011

Physicians 1.2

Nurses 1.8

Dentists 0.3

Pharmacists 0.5