Volume 3, issue 2


 Research articles

Curriculum framework for a master's degree in community medicine: some reflections with reference to Saudi Arabia

A comparison of graduates of an innovative medical school and a conventional school in relation to primary health care

Health services delivery in Asir, Saudi Arabia: regional experience of integration

Patterns of referral from health centres to hospitals in Riyadh region

Compliance with antituberculosis drugs among tuberculosis patients in Alexandria, Egypt

Breast-feeding and weaning patterns in Benghazi, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

Oral health behaviour among a sample of schoolteachers, physicians and nurses in the Syrian Arab Republic

Knowledge and attitudes of dental patients towards cross-infection control measures in dental practice

Behaviour disorders among urban schoolboys in south-western Saudi Arabia

The experience of leishmanization in the Islamic Republic of Iran

Bacterial etiologic agents of urinary tract infection in children in the Islamic Republic of Iran

Treatment of renal colic with injectable aspirin (Aspegic)

Effect of methoxyverapamil, diltiazem, morphine and their combination on the formation of irreversibly sickled cells: an in vitro study

Toxoplasmosis among women with habitual abortion

Role of Helicobacter pylori in the genesis of gastric ulcerations among smokers and nonsmokers

Cellular immune response in acute hepatitis B leading to chronic carrier state

المتغيرات المتجددة فى البحوث الصحية – دورس عملية من كلية الطب من جامعة الموصل

سوء استعمال المضادات الحيوية فى برنامج السيطرة على الالتهابات التنفسية الحادة – تمرين تعليمى يعتمد على المعضلة

Diffuse calcification of a transplanted kindney: a manifestation of renal osteodystrophy

 La diffusion selective de l information: Experience du centre de documentation depositaire des publications OMS au Maroc



Eat healthy in Ramadan