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Malaria country profiles 2012

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Regional_malaria_profiles_2011Malaria country profiles 2011In the following profiles where key information is missing, it means that data were not reported.

Regional profile [pdf 135Mkb]

Afghanistan [pdf 148kb]

Bahrain [pdf 77kb]

Djibouti [pdf 131kb]

Egypt [pdf 85kb]

Iraq [pdf 80kb]

Islamic Republic of Iran [pdf 95kb]

Jordan [pdf 83kb]

Kuwait [pdf 79.4kb]

Lebanon [pdf 78kb]

Libya [pdf 81kb]

Morocco [pdf 80kb]

Oman [pdf 83kb]

Pakistan [pdf 139kb]

Occupied Palestinian territory [pdf 76kb]

Qatar [pdf 78kb]

Saudi Arabia [pdf 93kb]

Somalia [pdf 133kb]

South Sudan [pdf 138kb]

Sudan [pdf 138kb]

Syrian Arab Republic [pdf 86kb]

Tunisia [pdf 80kb]

United Arab Emirates [pdf 85kb]

Yemen [pdf 142kb]

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Statistics and figures

In the WHO Eastern Mediterranean Region:

291 million people at risk for malaria in 2015 111 million at high risk

Estimated malaria case incidence decreased by 11% between 2010  and 2015

Estimated malaria mortality rate reduced by 6% between 2010 and 2015