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Workshop on managing and strengthening emergency care during crisis

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Emergency_care_workshop_in_Tunis23 October 2016 -- A 3-day workshop was conducted on strengthening emergency services in Libya from 17 to 19 October, 2016. The 34 participants included general surgeons, orthopedic surgeons, anesthetists and in charge of accident and emergency from Tripoli Medical Centre, Abu Slim Hospital, Tripoli Central Hospital, Al Khadra Hospital, Benghazi Medical Centre, Al Jala Hospital, Al Merj Hospital, Misuratha Central Hospital and Sabha Medical Centre.

The workshop was facilitated by emergency experts from Johns Hopkins University, WHO headquarters and the WHO Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterrranean and country office.

All the components of emergency medical care were discussed -- prevention, pre-hospital care, hospital care, triage, mass casualty management were discussed. Short, mid-term and long-term priority actions were identified by experts. WHO Libya in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and other stakeholders will start implementation of these priority actions which hopefully will strengthen the emergency medical care system of Libya benefiting thousands of traumatized patients.

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