WHO sends life-saving medical supplies across Libya

\WHO_Libya_supply_boxesA WHO Libya staff member checks boxes of supplies used to treat injured people. WHO regularly ships medical supplies to all areas of Libya

Tripoli, 9 September 2019—WHO is delivering urgently needed medicines and medical supplies to more than 40 primary health care centres and referral hospitals across Libya. The supplies, which are enough to treat 220 000 patients for 3 months, include antibiotics, medicines for noncommunicable diseases, such as hypertension, and surgical instruments. Also included are medicines to treat respiratory infections and skin diseases, such as leishmaniasis and scabies, that have been reported in Libya in recent months.

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Studying the private health sector in Libya

15 September 2019 – The Libyan Ministry of Health, in partnership with WHO, has disseminated the findings of a survey on the private health sector in Libya at a workshop...

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Mental health support in a time of war

Two months after an armed conflict began in Libya’s capital in April 2019, nearly 100 000 people had fled their homes to escape bombings and airstrikes. Many are living with...

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