Mental illness: training Libya’s health workers

Mental_health_test_June_2019_TripoliDr Najia Abdullah, left, participates in exercises as part of a workshop in identifying and treating mental illness

Tripoli, 24 June 2019—The World Health Organization, in collaboration with Libya’s Ministry of Health, recently conducted a 4-day intensive workshop on mental health issues in conflict situations. The workshop was attended by 19 physicians from six of Libya’s primary care centres representing three different regions of Libya: east, south, and west.

“Years of war and uncertainty have taken their toll on the people of Libya,” says Dr Jaffar Hussain, WHO Representative in Libya. “They are suffering not just physically, financially, and socially, but also psychologically. Particularly in areas torn by crises, it is crucial to train primary health care workers to understand and treat mental illness.”

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