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Management systems

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Management systems

A strong human resource management system is critical to support the delivery of health services and provide the key human resources needed to deliver these services.

Managing a health workforce is a complex task which requires well designed systems encompassing:

  • personnel systems, including staffing norms
  • recruitment – hiring and deployment
  • working environment and conditions – employee relations, workplace safety, gender equity, job satisfaction and career development
  • performance management – performance appraisal, supervision and productivity
  • availability of accurate data required for planning, training, appraising and supporting the workforce. 

Health workforce management systems also ensure that appropriate cadres of health workers are available, accessible and acceptable by society and the health care system is able to support them in performing their responsibilities efficiently and effectively.

In most countries of the Region, the scope of practice, absence of or outdated job descriptions, working conditions and workplace safety, and performance management need further improvement.

As international mobility of the health workforce is increasing, there is a need for the development of effective strategies for recruitment, deployment and retention.

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