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Nursing and midwifery

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Nursing and midwifery

Nurses and midwives constitute 50% to 60% of the health workforce in the Region and are a vital resource for attaining health and development targets.

Significant progress has been made in strengthening the nursing and midwifery workforce in Region – undergraduate nursing education has been reformed and post-basic specialty programmes developed in many countries.

With ongoing conflict and instability in the Region and the effects of climate change and environmental disasters escalating, the availability of nurses and midwives who are prepared and able to lead in regional health priority areas is critical.

However, key challenges continue to impede delivery of nursing and midwifery services. Results from the online Eastern Mediterranean nursing and midwifery survey identified key challenges for nursing and midwifery in the Region. 

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Countries in the Region join the Nursing Now Campaign
17 February 2019

2020 Year of the Nurse and Midwife
10 February 2019 

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