Research promotion and development


Research for health is a vital component in developing health systems, in understanding the causes of poor health and predicting and mitigating the effects of other factors on health. The increasing calls for equity and rising expectations in the Region for a better life and improved health call for more research to guide the process and to rationalize the effective use of limited resources. Promoting and enabling a culture and environment of research is necessary to plan, design and conduct research and to disseminate, utilize and translate the findings into health policy and interventions, including in times of difficulty.

The research promotion and development programme provides technical support to Member States in the Eastern Mediterranean Region to promote and strengthen a culture of research for health in the Region.

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October 2019 – A one-day workshop was held in the WHO Regional Office, in collaboration with the WHO country office and representatives of potential collaborating centres in Egypt, including various...

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December 2019 - The first training of trainers on ethics in implementation research was held in the WHO Regional Office on 17 December 2019, in collaboration with WHO headquarters. The workshop...

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In focus

Ethics in scientific writing and journal publishing

8 January 2020, Cairo – In October 2019, WHO and the Eastern Mediterranean Association of Medical Editors (EMAME) held a two-day workshop on ethics in scientific writing and journal publishing...

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Annual meeting of the Eastern Mediterranean Research Ethics Review Committee

6 January 2020, Cairo – Committee members meet annually for strategic planning and to ensure compliance of health research in the Region with WHO policies and international guidelines for research...

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