Research promotion and development

A female scientist conducting laboratory-based research

Research for health is a vital component in developing health systems, in understanding the causes of poor health and predicting and mitigating the effects of other factors on health. The increasing calls for equity and rising expectations in the Region for a better life and improved health call for more research to guide the process and to rationalize the effective use of limited resources. Promoting and enabling a culture and environment of research is necessary to plan, design and conduct research and to disseminate, utilize and translate the findings into health policy and interventions, including in times of difficulty.

The research promotion and development programme provides technical support to Member States in the Eastern Mediterranean Region to promote and strengthen a culture of research for health in the Region.

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23 May 2017 – Twelve health research proposals have been recommended for funding under the Research in Priority Areas of Public Health (RPPH) 2016–2017 grant scheme. Selected projects covered the priority...

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27 January 2017 – Eight new implementation research proposals have been selected for the Joint TDR/ World Health Organization Eastern Mediterranean Region Small Grants Scheme. Projects are on neglected tropical...

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In focus

14 May 2017 – Representatives from the Ministry of Health of Libya and the National Center for Disease Control paid a 2-day visit to the WHO Regional Office from 24 to...

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Eastern Mediterranean/Arab states regional summit of national ethics and bioethics committees

10 April 2017 – The WHO Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean, in collaboration with the United Nations Organization for Education, Science and Culture (UNESCO) and the Oman National Bioethics Committee,...

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