Research promotion and development

A female scientist conducting laboratory-based research

Research for health is a vital component in developing health systems, in understanding the causes of poor health and predicting and mitigating the effects of other factors on health. The increasing calls for equity and rising expectations in the Region for a better life and improved health call for more research to guide the process and to rationalize the effective use of limited resources. Promoting and enabling a culture and environment of research is necessary to plan, design and conduct research and to disseminate, utilize and translate the findings into health policy and interventions, including in times of difficulty.

The research promotion and development programme provides technical support to Member States in the Eastern Mediterranean Region to promote and strengthen a culture of research for health in the Region.

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27 January 2017 – Eight new implementation research proposals have been selected for the Joint TDR/ World Health Organization Eastern Mediterranean Region Small Grants Scheme. Projects are on neglected tropical...

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Meeting of the Eastern Mediterranean Research Review Ethics Review Committee

16 November 2016 – The research policy and development programme, as the Secretariat of the Eastern Mediterranean Research Ethics Review Committee, organized a meeting of the Committee from the 6...

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In focus

Zika data sharing: a call to researchers

8 February 2016 – A new data sharing and reporting protocol has been implemented at the Bulletin of the World Health Organization. The protocol was established specifically to address the current Zika...

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Capacity-building in tropical disease implementation research

12 March 2017 – In collaboration with Arabian Gulf University in Manama, Bahrain and Tropical Disease Research (TDR), WHO headquarters, the Research Promotion and Development programme in the WHO Regional...

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