Volume 3, issue 1


Research articles

Maturity onset diabetes of youth in Sudanese patients

Anxiety symptoms in diabetic patients

Noncommunicable diseases: a major challenge to public health in the Region

Rheumatic heart disease among Omani schoolchildren

Prevalence of congenital heart disease among schoolchildren of Sahafa Town, Sudan

Iodine deficiency disorders among primary-school children in Kafr ElSheikh, Egypt

Accidental poisoning of children in the United Arab Emirates

Metastatic involvement of draining paratracheal lymph nodes in hypopharyngeal carcinoma: a

clinicopathological study

In situ characterization of B- and Tlymphocytes in basal cell carcinoma of the head and neck region

Effect of different modalities of treatment on the quality of life of breast cancer patients in Egypt

Scorpion sting syndrome: epidemiology, clinical presentation and management of 2240 cases

Smoking intervention programme for male secondary-school students in south-western Saudi Arabia

Major histocompatibility class I antigens in the Lebanese population

La cataracte cécitante au Maroc

Chromosomal aberrations in children with suspected genetic disorders

Genetic disorders and congenital abnormalities: strategies for reducing the burden in the Region

Prevention of asthma and approaches for enhanced care in the Eastern Mediterranean Region

Diabetes mellitus in Egypt: risk factors, prevalence and future burden

Multidisciplinary approach in the development of comprehensive low-vision services in developing countries

Early recognition and intervention for prevention of disability and its complications

Subserous uterine fibroid simulating an incarcerated inguinal hernia during pregnancy

The Islamic Organization for Medical Sciences [IOMS] discusses human cloning

Plan of action for tobacco control in the Eastern Mediterranean Region

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