WHO supports the production of face masks to encourage mask wearing and empower local communities

Making  face masks in Khartoum

08 October 2020 – As part of the COVID-19 response, WHO and the Federal Ministry of Health are holding a workshop for local communities on producing fabric face masks. The activity is part of the bigger “Safe return” campaign, undertaken in partnership with the Ministry, UNICEF and other partners, which aims to help people resume their work and lives by applying the correct preventive measures and adapting them to the local context.

This comes at a time when regulations such as the lockdown and the travel bans are being lifted as part of a normalization plan to enable people to resume the lives they had before the lockdown. The campaign aims to encourage responsible behaviour through using community engagement and advocacy to emphasize the importance of applying preventive measures such as hand washing, avoiding hand shaking, physical distancing and wearing face masks as part of daily life.

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