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It is not WHO policy to engage people to carry out work without compensation. There may, however, be occasions when an individual, whose experience and professional background would allow them to make a contribution to the work of a technical programme, could be authorized to carry out specific activities on a voluntary basis on WHO premises under the supervision of a staff member.

  • Volunteers could be on sabbatical leave from either their government or their employing institution and be available for a clearly defined period.
  • Any offer from a volunteer should be evaluated by the technical programme with a view to ensuring that the experience and professional background of the individual would contribute to the work of the technical programme.

The administrative provisions concerning internships, as detailed above, apply also to volunteers.

Documents needed:

  • Proof of relevant experience from the organization you work with
  • Most recent detailed CV
  • Copy of valid passport and ID
  • Copy of university credentials
  • Proof of health care coverage.