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Situation updates on Hudaydah

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Supplies_to_HudaydahUpdates, September 2018

  • Conflict and port status: During September, parts of Al-Hudaydah governorate witnessed sporadic ground fighting, intensive airstrikes and shelling, especially in Kilo 16 and Kilo 10 areas. The road connecting Sana’a and Al-Hudaydah is blocked due to severe fighting and people have to use a longer road to reach Al-Hudaydah City through the Bajil-Al-Dhahi road.  
  • Hospital-based casualty data: Based on hospital-based figures of casualties in Al Hudaydah, 170 people were killed and 1,514 others injured from June to September 2018. The actual number of casualties is likely to be much higher. 
  • Hospital and health facilities situation: Most health facilities in Al Hudaydah are functioning but are still in urgent need for essential medicines and other medical supplies as number of injured people and patients are on the increase.  

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