Hudaydah IDPs in Sana’a endure harsh circumstances since 3 months

Ahmed fled his home during the shelling in Al Hudaydah in fear for his family’s safety. Arriving in Sana’a, he had no one and didn’t know where to go

3 October 2018 - With the recent escalation of conflict in the port town of Al-Hudaydah, thousands of people were forced to flee to the capital city Sana’a to escape the insecurity and increasing poverty, malnutrition and disease outbreaks. These displaced people include Yemen’s most vulnerable: the elderly, pregnant women, people who carry the burden of of chronic illnesses, and caregivers who bear the responsibility of providing for their children.

Abu Bakr school in Sana’a serves as a transit facility for many displaced families from Al-Hudaydah who have nowhere else to go. Through its partnership with the World Bank under the Emergency Health and Nutrition Project (EHNP), WHO has provided the transit facility with emergency medicines and health supplies for 1000 medical consultations. Support from Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA) also enabled WHO to provide medicines for 200 patients suffering from hypertension, diabetes and psychosis.

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WHO and partners working with national health authorities to contain disease outbreaks

13 June 2018 – Infectious disease outbreaks are a serious public health concern, posing a direct threat to families, especially children, in every home in Yemen. Emergency preparedness and response structures...

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Situation updates on Hudaydah

Updates, September 2018 Conflict and port status: During September, parts of Al-Hudaydah governorate witnessed sporadic ground fighting, intensive airstrikes and shelling, especially in Kilo 16 and Kilo 10 areas. The road...

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Key health-related statistics

Total population (000s) 25 235
Total health expenditure (% of general government expenditure) 3.9
Primary health care units and centres (per 10 000 population) 1.5
Life expectancy 65.7

Source: Country statistical profiles 2017

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