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Injuries, whether intentional (due to acts of violence against others or oneself) or unintentional (due to road traffic crashes, burns, drowning, falls and poisoning), claim about 5.8 million lives across the world every year – more than malaria, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS combined. In the Eastern Mediterranean Region the number of deaths in 2008 due to injuries was almost 445 000. Deaths, however, are only the tip of the iceberg.

Hundreds of thousands suffer non-fatal injuries that require different levels of care, such as hospitalization, emergency treatment and even care in the community, and may end in various forms of disabilities. Besides the devastating human toll, the socioeconomic implications cannot be overrated, rendering violence not only a public health problem but a development issue as well.

Eastern Meditterenean status report on road safety cover Eastern Mediterranean status report on road safety [pdf 10.85Mb] World report on child injury prevention World report on child injury prevention [pdf 3.39Mb]