Strategy and policy

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Injuries, violence and disabilities claim a heavy toll on human life and development across the globe, across Regions and within countries. If the general trends persist and no action is taken, the burden is expected to rise, particularly in low- and middle-income countries. In many countries comprehensive policies, strategies and plans are not in place to address different aspects of these important issues. 

Comprehensive policies linked to evidence-based feasible action plans are necessary to translate injury and violence prevention and disability management into reality. A wealth of WHO documents are available to Member States to provide the necessary guidance to develop policies and strategies based on local context and considerations.

Injuries and violence

Preventing injuries and violence: A guide for ministries of health, 2007 [pdf 1.5Mb] 

Developing policies to prevent violence and injuries: guidelines for policy-makers and planners, 2006 [pdf 1.09Mb]


Preventing intimate partner and sexual violence against women: taking action and generating evidence, 2010 [pdf 100.2kb]

Preventing child maltreatment: a guide to taking action and generating evidence, 2006 [pdf 2.44Mb]

Preventing violence: a guide to implementing the recommendations of the world report on violence and health, 2004 [pdf 1.12Mb]

Guidelines for medico-legal care for victims of sexual violence, 2003 [pdf 887kb]

Guide to United Nations resources and activities for the prevention of interpersonal violence, 2002 [pdf 1.08Mb]

Disability and rehabilitation

Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, 2008 [pdf 448kb]

Cairo Declaration on Supporting Access to Information and Communication Technology Services for Persons with Disabilities [pdf 7.34Mb]

Community-based rehabilitation: A strategy for rehabilitation, equalization of opportunities, poverty reduction and social inclusion of people with disabilities. Joint position paper, 2004 [pdf 1.16Mb]

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