Tobacco Free initiative | World No Tobacco Day | 2018 | How you can get involved

How you can get involved

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Use and adapt our campaign materials

We have developed a number of campaign materials. There are versions of these materials in Arabic, English and French.

The material can be downloaded here

Disseminate the materials

Think about where campaign materials can be made available to reach people for whom they are intended. A few ideas are: health care centres, clinics, hospitals, schools, colleges and universities, supermarkets, leisure and social clubs, associations, places of work, places of worship, and public transport.

Organize an activity

Organizing an activity or event is a great way to raise awareness about tobacco and stimulate action, both among individuals, and on a wider scale. If you do decide to organize an event, keep in mind the following:

What are you trying to achieve?

Who are you targeting?

What would make your target audiences want to participate?

When and where will your activity be held?

Should you join up with other organizations?

Who will you invite? Are there any well-known figures who could help you achieve your goals?

Do you have the resources to achieve your goals? If not, how can you mobilize them?

How will you promote your event?

Can the media help you achieve your goals? If so, which media should you target?

How will you share information about your activities after the event?

How will you measure success?

Examples of activities that you might want to consider are: discussion forums, sporting events, workshops for journalists, art competitions, coffee mornings, concerts, sponsored activities ̶ anything that contributes to a better understanding of tobacco control and how it can drive sustainable development.

Think about involving your organization’s champions, especially if they are influential among those you are trying to reach.

While this is a one-year campaign, and as such, activities can be organized throughout the year, we encourage you to consider starting your activities on World No Tobacco Day, 31 May 2018. Media attention is high on this day, which can generate greater awareness.

Share information and materials on social media

Throughout the campaign, we will be communicating via our social media channels Facebook, Twitter , and YouTube 

The primary hashtag that we are using for the campaign is #NoTobacco.

We encourage you to share our posts with your own networks, share your own materials and join discussions on issues related to the campaign.

Please note that WHO-branded materials should be used as is.

For questions on use of the materials, please send an email to Ms Nisreen Abdel Latif, WHO Communications, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .