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Training workshop on school health and nutrition promotion

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A training workshop on school health and nutrition promotion took place in Amman, Jordan, from 20 to 24 November 2011. The objectives of the training were to:

develop a training manual for teachers and school health supervisors on healthy nutrition and physical activity to equip schools with the needed tools and resources;

review draft regional guidelines on standard operating procedures in school health services;

enhance school mental health promotion.

Schools are important places for protecting and promoting health because they reach the majority of children, and through them their families and society as a whole. Futhermore, education is a key social determinant of health. It makes a significant contribution to people's understanding of health risks and how to avoid them. 

The provision of health services, both within and outside schools, for school children, adolescents and school personnel, is one of the main pillars of any successful programme for improving children's health and well-being, and even the health of entire families. School health services are an important part of the delivery of primary health care. 

The Muscat Declaration on strengthening the school health services adopted in May 2010 was a turning point for the development of regional school health services. One of the most important recommendations was the development of regional guidelines on standard operating procedures for school health services, prepared by a group of regional school health experts. The workshop provided a good opportunity to review the draft guidelines, in addition to preparing a school health training manual. The workshop also provided an opportunity to put school mental health prmotion in the spotlight during a session dedicated to it.

Statistics and figures

WHO has several nutrition-related global databases. They include data for countries in the Region. Please click on the links to access them.

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Some nutrition-related data from the Regional Health Observatory:

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Anaemia in preschool-age children

Trend estimates for under 5 child malnutrition: