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WHO/Jordan celebrates International World Health Day

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Dr Eltom, WHO Representative for Jordan, has his blood pressure checked by a nurseIt is important for people to have their blood pressure checked regularly as many people are unaware that they have high blood pressureOn 7 April 2013, WHO/Jordan country office celebrated World Health Day. The theme of this year’s celebration was high blood pressure.

In Jordan 30.9% of all males and 21.5% of all females are estimated to suffer from high blood pressure. With 53% of all people aged between 55 and 64 suffering from the disease. However, only approximately 24% of people in Jordan have ever had their blood pressure checked.

Dr Akram Eltom, WHO Representative for Jordan, told the audience that high blood pressure could lead to heart attacks, stroke, heart failure, kidney failure and blindness. Many people are unaware that they have high blood pressure, which is why it is so important to get your blood pressure checked.

He also urged people to be aware of the risk factors that can raise peoples blood pressure, such as: an unhealthy diet, high salt intake, tobacco use and excess alcohol intake. Regular physical activity can also significantly reduce your blood pressure. 

To celebrate the Day Dr Eltom called a meeting for all WHO staff members to discuss the importance of measuring blood pressure regularly. He ended the session by having his own blood pressure taken, re-enforcing the point that it is of vital importance that people check their blood pressure regularly.

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Key health-related statistics

Total population in thousands 10 053
Total expenditure on health (% of general government expenditure) 13.7
Maternal mortality ratio (per 100 000 live births) 58
Primary health care units and centres (per 10 000 population) 6.9
Life expectancy 74.3

Source: Framework for health information systems and core indicators for monitoring health situation and health system performance, 2018

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