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AIDS Information Exchange Centre logoThe digital repository of the AIDS Information Exchange Centre was established in August 1990 by the WHO Regional Office. The establishment of this digital repository was in response to the tremendous need of the Region for accurate and culturally-adapted information and to exchange experiences, particularly in the field of prevention and control and health promotion for HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted infections. This digital repository has proved to be instrumental not only in the wide dissemination and exchange of information on HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted infections, but also in mobilizing and supporting countries in various information, education and communication activities, including World AIDS Day campaign materials. The content of the repository also addresses specific issues, such as the role of religion in HIV/AIDS prevention and control. The ultimate aim of the AIDS Information Exchange Centre is to increase the level of interaction and exchange of information and experiences on HIV/AIDS in countries of the Region and among different partners.

AIDS Information Exchange Centre digital repository

Subject coverage

AIDS medicines and diagnostic services

Antiretroviral therapy

HIV drug resistance

HIV prevention in generalized epidemics

HIV surveillance

HIV testing and counselling

Injecting drug use

Integrated management of adolescent and adult illness

Malaria and HIV

Monitoring and evaluation

Mother-to-child transmission

Operations research

Paediatric HIV

People living with HIV and HIV care

Sexually transmitted infections

The 3 by 5 initiative

Tuberculosis and HIV

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Data and statistics

The total number of publications produced by the Regional Office in 2016 was 146.

Arabic (33)

English (91)

French (22)

The total number of journals that have been indexed in the Index Medicus for the Eastern Mediterranean Region is 648.