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Regional committee resolutions and technical papers

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Fifty-fourth session, Cairo, Egypt, 2007

Medicine prices and access to medicines in the Eastern Mediterranean Region, technical paper [pdf 100kb] - Resolution [pdf 23kb] 

Fifty-third session, Isfahan, Islamic Republic of Iran, 9–12 September 2006

Draft regional guidelines on stability testing of active substances and pharmaceutical products, technical paper [162.60kb]  - Resolution [20.18kb]

Fifty-second session, Cairo, Egypt, 24–27 September 2005

The Unified Medical Dictionary: Progress achieved and future prospects, Regional Committee for the Eastern Mediterranean, technical paper [pdf 109kb]

Fifty-first, Cairo, Egypt, 3–6 October 2004

Vaccine development, accessibility and availability: towards self-sufficiency in the Eastern Mediterranean Region [pdf 28kb]

Forty-ninth session, Cairo, Egypt, 30 September–3 October 2002

Antimicrobial resistance and rational use of antimicrobial agents [pdf 678kb]

The WHO strategy for traditional medicine: review of the global situation and strategy implementation in the Eastern Mediterranean Region health and human security [pdf 471kb]

Traditional medicine [pdf 13kb]

Forty-seventh session, Cairo, Egypt, 1–4 October 2000

The implications of GATT and WTO agreements on health in general [pdf 14kb] 

Forty-fifth session, Beirut, Lebanon, 3-6 October 1998

Regional self-reliance in the production of essential drugs and vaccines [pdf 31kb] 

Forty-fourth session, Beirut, Lebanon, 4–7 October 1997

Appropriate health technology [pdf 27kb]

 Regional Committee for the Eastern Mediterranean, thirty-third session, Kuwait, 1986

The rational use of drugs [pdf 25kb]

Registration of herbal medicines, resolution [pdf 16kb]

 World Health Assembly (WHA) resolutions

Resolution WHA 60.16, 2007 on progress in the rational use of medicines

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Secretariat's report on progress in the rational use of medicines 2007

Progress report on resolution WHA60.16 in 2009

The pursuit of responsible use of medicines: sharing and learning from country experiences

Statistics and figures

Regional Health Observatory

Average pharmaceutical expenditure: US$ 1141 million

Average pharmaceutical expenditure per capita: US$ 57 

Average density of pharmacists: 5.02 per 10 000 population

Average number of licensed pharmaceutical manufacturers: 52

Average number of registered pharmaceutical products: 7529