Regional Centre for Environmental Health Action

Centre for Environmental Health Activities building in JordanThe building housing WHO's country office in Ammam, Jordan, was the first building in the Region to be awarded LEED certification

The Regional Centre for Environmental Health Action (CEHA) is a centre of excellence for environmental health. It provides technical support to countries of the Eastern Mediterranean Region to reduce the toll of morbidity and premature mortality caused by modifiable environmental risk factors.

CEHA provides technical guidance, programmatic support, advisory consultations and related services to Member States and partner agencies to heighten the leadership role of the public health sector in regulation, surveillance and management of environmental risks in the fields of:

  • water and sanitation
  • waste management
  • air quality
  • food and chemical safety
  • vector control
  • environmental health emergency management.

It also coordinates WHO’s support in other cross-cutting issues, such as climate change, sustainable development, knowledge management and environmental health risk communications.


30 July 2017 – While 87% of people in the Eastern Mediterranean Region have access to basic drinking-water and 73% have access to basic sanitation, such services are not necessarily safely...

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Expert consultation to finalize a regional plan of action for the implementation of the WHO global roadmap to address air quality and health

Amman, Jordan 29 May 2017 – Air pollution is one of the major avoidable causes of morbidity and mortality in the Eastern Mediterranean Region. WHO estimated in 2016 that deaths as...

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12 March 2017 – The joint health and environment ministerial meeting was convened in the Arab League premises in Cairo, Egypt, on 2 March 2017, presided by Arab League Secretary General...

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In focus

Arabized WHO technical notes on drinking-water, sanitation and hygiene in emergencies

These illustrated technical notes in Arabic have been prepared to assist those working immediately or shortly after an emergency to plan appropriate responses to the urgent and...

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Toxic chemicals may be deliberately released with the intention of causing injury, panic and death in a target population. What to do if you are inside a...

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23 November 2015 – The WHO Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean's Regional Centre for Environmental Health Action (CEHA) is organizing an Intercountry meeting on analysis and assessment of drinking...

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21 October 2015 -- WHO's Regional Centre for Environmental Health Action, the World Meteorological Organization, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Regional Office for West Asia, European Organisation for the Exploitation...

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