Volume 25 no. 11, November Issue, 2019

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Strengthening the early detection of common cancers in the Eastern Mediterranean Region

Unsupervised neural network for evaluating the ability of the SF-36 instrument to differentiate individuals

Health-related quality of life in informal settlements in Kermanshah, Islamic Republic of Iran: role of poverty and perception of family socioeconomic status

Validation study of the Arabic version of the Brief Fatigue Inventory (BFI-A)

Advance directive preferences of patients with chronic and terminal illness towards end of life decisions: a sample from Saudi Arabia

Psychosocial factors of deliberate self-harm in Afghanistan: a hospital based, matched case-control study

Substance use among high school students in Erbil City, Iraq: prevalence and potential contributing factors

Implementation of surveillance systems to determine the burden of communicable diseases in a facility in Qatar

Rapid assessment of marketing of unhealthy foods to children in mass media, schools and retail stores in Oman 

Health literacy among Iranian adults: findings from a nationwide population-based survey in 2015

Determinants of over and underuse of caesarean births in the Eastern Mediterranean Region: an updated review

Regional workshop on healthy diet with a focus on trans-fatty acid elimination