Volume 3, issue 3


Research articles

Prevalence and elimination of cataract in a rural setting in Yemen

Premarital counselling: an experience from Bahrain

Impact of the economic sanctions on duodenal ulcer in Iraq

Passive smoking and lower respiratory tract illnesses in children

Effect of an educational film on the Health Belief Model and breast self-examination practice

Drug utilization and antibiotic use in the primary health care centres in Sharjah

Epidemiological and sociocultural study of burn patients in Alexandria, Egypt

Epidemiology of diabetes mellitus in relation to other cardiovascular risk factors in Lebanon

Epidemiology of hypertension and other cardiovascular disease risk factors in the urban population of Soussa, Tunisia

Evaluation of enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) in serodiagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis

Investigation d'une épidémie de rougeole dans la localité de Kouf, province de Tétouan, Maroc

Recent trends in infant feeding patterns and weaning practices in Kuwait

Current status of breast-feeding in Alexandria governorate: a community-based study

Spectrum of paediatric diseases in south Islamic Republic of Iran

Efficacy of rubber dam isolation as an infection control procedure in paediatric dentistry

Scanning electron microscopic study of visible light curing effects on the oral mucous membrane

Role of health systems research in policy, planning, management and decision-making, with reference to Pakistan

التهاب الكبد البائى والعاملين فى طب الاسنان بدمشق، تقيييم المعارف والمواقف والسلوك

Surveillance for dengue fever in Jeddah

Coexistent chromosomal and autosomal dominant conditions in a triple pregnancy