Volume 2, issue 2


Research articles

Future of research in hypertension in developing countries

Hypertension in elderly Egyptians

Prevalence of hypertension in south-western Saudi Arabia

Possible effects of iodized salt on the taste, colour and consistency of traditional pickles

Current nutritional status of mothers and children in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates

Nutrition surveillance in the Sudan: a community-based approach

Progress towards elimination of IDD in the Islamic Republic of Iran A KAP survey of iodized salt consumption

Dietary management of surgical patients: effects on incisional wound healing

Underestimation of malnutrition among Pakistani infants weighed with clothes on

Composition and nutritional value of traditional rural Iranian foods

Prevalence of gestational diabetes and pregnancy outcome in Pakistan

Prevalence of diabetes mellitus among Bahrainis attending primary health care centres

Transmission of HIV through blood or blood products in the Eastern Mediterranean Region

Epidemiology of hepatitis B in the Islamic Republic of Iran

Oral health in Lebanon: a pilot pathfinder survey

Prévalence de la carie dentaire chez les enfants de faible poids à la naissance

Thalassaemia genes in Baghdad, Iraq

Fine needle aspiration cytology versus histopathology in diagnosing lymph node lesions

Strategies for enhancing the use of primary health care services by nomads and rural communities in Saudi Arabia

Assessing the need to establish new hospitals

Oral health care and periodontal disease among shoolchildren in the Syrian Arab Republic [in Arabic]