Volume 15, issue 1


Research articles

Research in action: mammography utilization following breast cancer awareness campaigns in Lebanon 2002–05

Cancer patients’ desire for information: a study in a teaching hospital in Saudi Arabia

Environmental exposure to asbestos and the exposure–response relationship with mesothelioma

Infant exposure to environmental tobacco smoke: Jordan University hospital-based study

Evaluation of an educational intervention for farming families to protect their children from pesticide exposure

Injury epidemiology in Kermanshah: the National Trauma Project in Islamic Republic of Iran

National Survey of Prevalence of Mental Disorders in Egypt: preliminary survey

Direct estimation of life expectancy in the Islamic Republic of Iran in 2003

Could the MMR vaccine replace the measles vaccine at one year of age in Egypt?

Distinguishing between primary infection and reinfection with rubella vaccine virus by IgG avidity assay in pregnant women

Hygiene practices and sexual activity associated with urinary tract infection in pregnant women

Training on the Practical Approach to Lung Health: effect on drug prescribing in PHC settings in Jordan

Antimalarial prescribing and dispensing practices in health centres of Khartoum state, 2003–04

Seroprevalence of Helicobacter pylori in Nahavand: a population-based study

Seroepidemiology of hepatitis E virus infection in 2–25-year-olds in Sari district, Islamic Republic of Iran

Neurobrucellosis: report of a rare disease in 20 Iranian patients referred to a tertiary hospital

Characterization of Bacillus anthracis spores isolates from soil by biochemical and multiplex PCR analysis

Prevalence of coronary heart disease among Tehran adults: Tehran Lipid and Glucose Study

Prévalence de la rhinite allergique en milieu rural à Settat (Maroc)

Significant caries index values and related factors in 5–6-year-old children in Istanbul, Turkey

Self-reported needle-stick injuries among dentists in north Jordan

Job satisfaction and burnout among Palestinian nurses

نظرة ناقدة لمقررات اللغة العربية كإحدى مطلوبات التعليم


Epidemiological transition of some diseases in Oman: a situational analysis

Short communications

Microbial contamination in the operating theatre: a study in a hospital in Baghdad

Study of aerobic granulocyte functional activity in the presence of a radiosensitizer (metronidazole)

Case reports

Diffuse myelitis in a 9-month-old infant: case report and review of the literature

Oral contraceptive pills and inherited thrombophilia in a young woman with deep venous thrombosis