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HIV/AIDS counselling session for womenGender norms and roles, as well as gender inequities, can make women especially vulnerable to HIV. Photo credit: WHO.Egypt is classified as having a low epidemic level for HIV/AIDS. The Ministry of Health and Population reports a total of 2393 cases of HIV/AIDS from 1986 up to the end of August 2008 (1534 HIV infections and 859 AIDS cases), with 1059 deaths up to the end of August 2008. 

Although there is an active national AIDS programme, which includes voluntary testing and counselling services and the provision of antiretroviral therapy, Egypt faces a number of challenges in maintaining a low prevalence of HIV/AIDS. These include: a weak system of prevention and surveillance for sexually transmitted diseases; poor access to reproductive health information; an influx of refugees from Sudan and the neighbouring Horn of Africa; the large number of Egyptians working abroad who may return home with HIV infection; pervasive fear and stigma; and low condom demand and use.


Regional programme for AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases