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Situation reports on Yemen conflict

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From 1 January to 31 March, a total of 164 684 suspected cases of cholera and 351 associated deaths have been reported. Photo: C: WHO/Omar NasrThe number of suspected cholera cases decreased from 118 868 in April to 80 318 in May. Photo: C: WHO/Omar Nasr

Updates, May 2019

  • Access constraints have delayed humanitarian assistance and health service delivery for an estimated 1.5 million people, over the past 2 months this is half a million beneficiaries per month.
  • A total of 353,079 suspected cholera cases with 630 associated deaths (CFR 0.18%) were recorded. This is a decrease from 118,868 in April to 80,318 in May; with the overall trend remaining stable between weeks 18 -21
  • In May, a total of 90 tons of essential medicines, supplies, and equipment were delivered to hospital and health facilities.
  • A total of 27 trucks delivered supplies to cover 76 hospitals and health centers with WASH materials. There were also 12 governorate health offices (GHOs) who received cholera kits, and 11 governorate hospitals, WHO warehouses in Ibb and Sa’ada and 5 hospitals who received materials for the Diphtheria intensive care units (ICU).
  • Heavy rains resulted in widespread flooding across 12 out of 23 governorates since early May have left tens of thousands in urgent need of emergency assistance. The flooding has impacted access to proper sanitation and safe drinking water as well as the ability of health clinics to deliver critical services, and the provision of medical and pharmaceutical supplies. Concerns surrounding increased probability of vector-borne diseases is also an issue.

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