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Situation reports on Yemen conflict

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Yemen_OCVcampaignLaunch of the second round of the oral cholera vaccination campaign in four districts in Aden, Taizz and Al Dhale governoratesUpdates, October 2019

  • The conflict continues to intensify, sparking multiple frontline. An estimated 70 000 men, women and children have either lost their lives or suffered serious injuries as a result of the conflict.  
  • There are 156 recorded attacks on health facilities and incidents involving health care workers that have jeopardized our emergency response, endangering health facilities, health care workers, patients and the surrounding communities including civilian infrastructure – like water, sanitation and health.
  • Cholera continues to be a priority issue in 96% of governorates in Yemen. From 1 January to 27 October 2019, 761 837 suspected cases were reported including 991 associated deaths. The case-fatality rate remains at 13%, a quarter of these cases (26%) are children under 5.
  • Chronic malnutrition remains of high concern, and which is why the establishment of a nationwide nutritional surveillance system is so important in the country.
  • From 1 January to 27 October 2019, a total of 25 242 suspected dengue cases was reported, including 104 associated deaths.

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