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Dr Fadlo Khuri awarded for his contribution to tobacco control efforts

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Dr Khuri receives award for tobacco control efforts1 November 2018 – “The American University of Beirut’s successful tobacco-free initiative shows that with political will, backed by evidence and committed teamwork, it is possible to implement world-standard tobacco control measures in Lebanon”, said AUB president Dr Fadlo Khuri, awardee of the World No Tobacco Day prize for 2018.

The WHO country office in Lebanon held a ceremony to present two awards to Dr Fadlo R. Khuri, President of the American University of Beirut, for his contribution in the fight against tobacco use and rendering the University’s campus tobacco free on Tuesday, 30 October 2018.

The first award was the WHO Director-General's Special Recognition Award and the second the World No Tobacco Day 2018 Award. The ceremony was attended by about 85 invitees, including Dr Walid Ammar, Director General of the Ministry of Public Health; a member of the health parliament; directors of universities; deans, professors and staff from the American University of Beirut; representatives of nongovernmental organizations; the media and other representatives of institutions.

Dr Iman Shankiti, WHO Representative for Lebanon, and Dr Khuri delivered a speech on this occasion. A short film on Dr Khuri’s efforts in tobacco control was also shown.

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