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Injury prevention and safety promotion

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The Centre for Emergency Management Services, under supervision of the Under-Secretary for Curative Affairs, is responsible for injury prevention and safety promotion in the Islamic Republic of Iran. This is in addition to other responsibilities related to emergency and disaster management. The Centre is responsible for formulating evidence-based policies.

A nationwide telephone number 115 provides support to injured patients and an insurance scheme supports those injured in road traffic accidents. In order to collect, collate and analyse injury-related data a hospital-based injury surveillance system has been developed. The system has been reviewed for effectiveness and revised through consultation, and a plan of action developed, in collaboration with WHO.

In addition, guidelines and policy papers for different types of injury and safety promotion have been developed. These address burns, poisoning, snake bite, scorpion bite, safe communities, home safety and domestic injury.

In May 2011, the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011–2012 was launched in the Islamic Republic of Iran. A joint strategic plan for road safety has been developed by the different stakeholders, with a plan of action outlined for the health sector.

WHO's second global report on road safety is now available. It includes country data from the Islamic Republic of Iran compiled by the National Data Coordinator, of the Ministry of Health Medical Education, based on the WHO format.

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