Zika virus

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Peer-reviewed articles

Enhancing surveillance for early detection of Zika virus infection: strategies for the countries of the Eastern Mediterranean Region
Majdouline Obtel, Mamunur Rahman Malik, Tran Minh Nhu Nguyen, Evans Muhavani Buliva, Ahmed Ali Elkhobby, Salim A. Mohamednour Salim, Nada Ghosn, Payman Hemmati, Vo Huu Thuan and Peter Omondi Mala.

Fact sheets and Q&A

Zika – Fact sheet

Zika virus and complications: Questions & Answers

The history of Zika virus

Information for travellers visiting Zika affected countries 



Regional Director's message to health care workers on Zika virus, 16 February 2016 


WHO Regional Director Dr Ala Alwan's video message on the Zika virus, 7 February 2016


For general public

Zika virus - we can prevent it Zika virus: we can prevent it | Arabic | French 

For health workers

What you need to know about Zika-messages for health workers What you need to know about Zika: messages for health workers | Arabic | French 

For pregnant women

What you need to know about Zika-messages for pregnant women What you need to know about Zika: messages for pregnant women | Arabic | French 


Zika virus disease infographics

Technical guidance

Zika virus disease – Emergencies preparedness, response

WHO toolkit for the care and support of people affected by complications associated with Zika virus 

Aircraft disinfection for mosquito control

Zika virus disease – publications

Zika and sexual transmission

Identification and management of Guillain-Barré syndrome in the context of Zika virus, Interim guidance

Zika: Origin and spread of a mosquito-borne virus

Women in the context of microcephaly and Zika virus disease

Aircraft disinsection for mosquito control