WHO Global Arabic Programme

WHO’s Global Arabic ProgrammeWHO’s Global Arabic Programme actively contributes to maintaining and enhancing people's health in the Region by providing accurate, high-quality and up-to-date health-related information in Arabic through print and electronic media. The programme provides translation, publishing and educational services and promotes the dissemination of health-related information in other national languages.

The objectives of the Global Arabic programme are to:‎‎

  • disseminate the work of WHO through Arabic publications and other information products;‎‎
  • provide reliable and updated health and biomedical information and research outcomes in Arabic for medical and health professionals;
  • ‎‎develop a medical and health-related terminology database in Arabic and other languages;
  • ‎‎build capacity in translation and terminology, enhance quality control and develop standards;
  • ‎‎build and enhance partnerships with academia and publishers;‎‎ and
  • establish networks and knowledge communities in Arabic translation, terminology and publishing.‎

Services provided by the programme are:

  • translating and publishing reports, bulletins, periodicals, journal articles and a range of information products, including press statements and advocacy material;
  • ‎‎translating and publishing curricula, training kits and educational material for nursing colleges, medical schools and for students of health sciences;‎‎
  • ‎establishing unified health and medical terms across a range of languages through the multilingual Unified Medical Dictionary; ‎
  • ‎‎supporting national capacity-building for translators, terminologists and publishers;‎ and
  • disseminating health-related information in Arabic through the internet.